Time Zones

I have used Eastern Standard Time, so use the following
information to adjust it for your time zone:

Atlantic Standard Time  	Add one hour
Central Standard Time   	Subtract one hour
Mountain Standard Time  	Subtract 2 hours
Pacific Standard Time   	Subtract 3 hours
Yukon Standard Time     	Subtract 4 hours
Alaska-Hawaii Std Time  	Subtract 5 hours
Hawaiian Standard Time  	Subtract 5-1/2 hours
Bering Standard Time    	Subtract 6 hours


Newfoundland Standard   	Add 1-1/2 hours
Brazil Zone 2           		Add 2 hours
Greenwich Time (UK)     	Add 5 hours
Central European Time   	Add 6 hours
Eastern European Time   	Add 7 hours
Baghdad Time            	Add 8 hours
Iran Time               		Add 8-1/2 hours
USSR Zone 3             	Add 9 hours
USSR Zone 4             	Add 10 hours
Indian Time             		Add 10-1/2 hours
USSR Zone 5             	Add 11 hours
North Sumatra Time      	Add 11-1/2 hours
USSR Zone 6             	Add 12 hours
Java Time               		Add 12-1/2 hours
Australian Western ST   	Add 13 hours
Moluccas Time           	Add 13-1/2 hours
Japan Standard Time     	Add 14 hours
Australian Central ST   	Add 14-1/2 hours
Australian Eastern ST   	Add 15 hours
USSR Zone 10            	Add 16 Hours
New Zealand Time        	Add 16-1/2 hours
New Zealand Standard    	Add 17 hours