Since the days of the Delphi Oracle and before, intuitive guidance has been a sacred blending of personal and universal energies to make our lives better. Although busy lives and modern telephony has decreased the need for painstaking ceremony before a rewarding consultation, there are certain steps you may wish to take to get the most from your reading. Your consultant will probably do some combination of the following before your appointment or call: pray, meditate, light a candle, burn incense, handle crystals, don special jewelry or clothing or some other personal ritual to signal her preparedness. You may wish to adopt any of these, too. Other less elaborate but important preparations for your reading would include the following:

Know exactly what you want and expect from your reading. If this is your first reading, it makes sense that you might not be sure of what to expect. But what is important to you? What urged you to call or make the appointment? Take some time with this. It is the single most important step to insure your best possible outcome. You might consider writing the words "I want to know __________" on a sheet of paper and taking about five minutes to brainstorm and list all the things you want to know from your reading. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you will get it. Don't underestimate the power of clear, open-ended questions.

Your appointment should be scheduled at a time you can give your undivided attention to the call. Kids, spouses, roommates should all be away or sufficiently occupied to insure that your special time will be uninterrupted. A telephone appointment affords a special intimacy between you and your psychic--but you won't have the advantage of sharing a view of the cards or charts or body language or touch, etc. This means your focused concentration is crucial to a successful reading. Turn off the television and radio--except for some soft, soothing background music if you desire. If possible, turn off the call-waiting feature of your phone. You will not want to interrupt the flow of your reading to answer another call. Eliminate any other possible distractions that occur to you.

Don't be afraid to give your psychic information. Just as you would describe your symptoms to a healer or your automobile noises to a mechanic, your candidness with your psychic will insure the best possible reading. Most psychics receive the numinous portion of the reading in symbols--pictures, sounds, hunches and colors. The better the dialogue between the two of you, the better the fine-tuning and personalizing of those informative symbols will be. Much of the important work of your reading will happen at the subconscious level. You will hear specific information and at the same time, seeds for future assistance in utilizing the information are being planted in your subconscious. The power and healing portion of your reading will probably unfold over several weeks.

Look at the list in the first paragraph: prayer, meditation, candles, incense, crystals or "reading-wear". If these things aren't part of your normal routine (and especially if they are) you might consider one or all of them for your reading preparation. A simple prayer to request that your guides or angels join you for the best possible reading will add to the quality of your consultation. A short meditation could include seeing yourself surrounded by light and opening your heart and mind up to the universal intelligence that is the source of divine guidance. Candles--one or several--are a wonderful way to set a beautiful ambiance. Incense has long been a way to honor spiritual presence in our lives and will help make your reading time special. Crystals (the scientific source of memory in our computers and receivers in our radios) are pleasant to hold and touch while you participate in your reading. And a special outfit of jewelry or clothing could become your "reading uniform." You certainly aren't required to do any of the above for your reading--and the first time you do anything from this list may feel awkward or even silly. Possibly these things won't be for you at all--but quite possibly they will substantially add to the total experience of making your reading a memorable, pleasant and meaningful event.