Welcome to Tarot900, a site for 900-line Tarot readers. The availability of giving/receiving readings using the 900-line venue is tremendous. Callers in very isolated places, as well as those who simply are looking for anonymity, now have access to helpful sources. And readers who enjoy working their own schedules from their own homes have access to multiple companies to work for. This can lead, however, to a situation where the reader as a business person and counselor feels very isolated. One of the purposes of this site is to connect readers for personal support, and to share information on the industry, giving readers the power to make informed decisions.

We also wish to educate the public about 900 lines, and take some of the fear/skepticism out of the decision making process. How to choose a reader, what makes a good reader, and how to tell if you are not "connecting" with a reader are all topics that we will cover on this site, as well as what your options are if you, as a caller, feel that you have been ripped off.

We want to make Tarot900 an interactive, ongoing site, meeting the changing needs of callers and readers. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions that you may have, or to make suggestions for further topics to be covered.

Thank you for visiting Tarot900. May your day be blessed.

Tarot900 FAQ for 900-line readers

Code of Ethics for phone readers

Finding work and running your business

How to choose a reputable line

Tarot decks reviews -- which ones work best on the lines?

Tarot spreads for phone readings

Prescriptions for clients?

Recommended reading for readers

General links of interest to the 900-line reader

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Why call a 900 line?

Calling a 900 psychic line -- my experience

What to expect when calling a 900 line

How to choose a psychic reader

Getting the most from your reading

Get your feet wet with online readings by tarot900 members

Interview with...

Pat Martin, founder of 0900 IPANZ and 900 line owner

Soapbox: Issues and Guest Essays

Why we need a professional organization by Pat Martin



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