Many books would enhance the focus -- and library -- of a 900-line reader, but a few stand out. Following are some of the favorite titles of tarot900 members. For books our members recommend to clients, go here.

Secrets of a Telephone Psychic by Frederick Woodruff ($9.95, Beyond Words Publishing, 1998). A campy and irreverent look at life on the lines. While not the most profound of books, it will give you an idea what being a phone reader is all about.

A 1-900 Psychic Speaks by Donna Kenworthy ($11.95, Hampton Roads Publishing, 1998). Short treatment of life as a 900-line psychic, including many actual conversations on the lines (edited, I'm sure.)

900 Know-How : How to Succeed With Your Own 900 Number Business by Robert Mastin ($19.95, Aegis Publishing Group, 1996). Considered the Bible of the 900 industry, this book will help you get a handle on just what this industry entails. Granted, not many of us are going to start our own lines, but if you've ever wondered about the ins and outs of the pay-per-call business, this is the book to read. This is the straight dope, unlike most books on this topic which are glorified sales pitches.

Power Tarot : More Than 100 Spreads That Give Specific Answers to Your Most Important Questions by Trish MacGregor, Phyllis Vega ($12, Fireside, 1998). Created by 900-line readers who needed innovative spreads to meet their clients' needs, this book is a goldmine. Spreads are broken down by the number of cards in each. I've found excellent career and relationship spreads in this book.

Inner Guide Meditation : A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century by Edwin C. Steinbrecher ($12.95, Samuel Weiser, 1988). A common issue among phone readers is how to protect oneself against negative energies while on the line. Pat recommends this book because it "addresses some of the fundamental issues that relate to protection...and explains how the negative forces we attract are in fact coming from internal issues of our own which we need to address for ourselves; how we can connect with our inner guides; and how, using the Tarot cards, we can learn more about the archetypes which we each embody. I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore this issue more."

The Lightworker's Way : Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. ($12.95, Hay House, 1997). While New Age-y to the extreme, Virtue touches on some very important issues that we as readers need to consider -- like how to connect with our inner calling, how to recognize our higher purpose, and how to gain spiritual power for healing.

(titles to come)