We live next to a bike trail and there is a huge patch of bamboo down by the stream that runs alongside it. I had seen some bamboo wands online that I really liked, so here's what I did:

I measured from my elbow to the tip of my middle finger. I cut my bamboo to that measurement, choosing a piece as thick as my middle finger. I wanted crystal tips on both ends, and I wanted to use chakra stones for decoration. Pick from the following stones:

2 clear quartz wand tips

For the first chakra, smoky quartz or obisidian

For the second, carnelian, orange calcite, or tiger's eye.

For the third, citrine, golden calcite or topaz.

For the fourth, rose quartz, kunzite, watermelon tourmaline, jade or aventurine.

Fifth, aquamarine, azurite, or sodalite.

Sixth, lapis, blue fluorite, sugilite, or clear quartz.

Seventh, amethyst, Oregon opal, or clear quartz.

The bamboo was really easy to work with. I carved out the inside and adhered the crystal tips to each end with glue. I then took hemp twine and wrapped it a few times around the area where I glued. Next I used the hemp to create a circular base in which to place each stone. I glued it down and let it dry before proceeding. I designed spiral type patterns with the twine (see above).

When the twine bases dried, I glued each chakra stone to the wand, in a straight line and in order from chakras one to seven, number one being at the projective end of the wand.