From Timothy Roderick's Dark Moon Mysteries

Items Needed:

* A photo frame with a removable back and removable glass at least large enough for an 8" by 10" insert.

* Black high-gloss paint, non-aerosol

* The following dried and powdered herbs; hyssop, dragon's blood reed, orris root, anise seed and any variety of dried moss.

* A disposable mixing container

* A paintbrush


To Make:

Collect the items listed above during the waning moon cycle. In a mortar or some other smooth vessel, crush the herbs into a powder and then scoop them together into a heap. These herbs all have properties that enhance psychic development.

Take out the jar of black paint and pour a potion of it into the disposable mixing container. Slowly stir small portions of the herb mixture into the paint until you have a thick tar-like substance.

While you are adding in the herbs begin to raise power using the following chant:

Vision of night,
By the moon's dark light,
Enter my art!
All evil depart!

To raise power start chanting the spell slowly and softly. Gradually increase your volume, pitch and speed. As you do this imagine rays of moonlight beaming down into your mixture. Feel the power brimming inside you and once you feel filled with energy channel it into the paint/herb mixture.

Next, take your photo frame, remove the back and the glass. Begin brushing the glass with your paint/herb mixture. Paint as evenly as possible using long, smooth strokes. Be certain to cover only one side of the glass entirely - leave no unpainted areas anywhere on that one surface! Wait for the paint to dry and replace the glass into the frame so that the shiney glass part shows through the frame. This glass is the scrying surface into which you will peer for visions.