Excerpts from a Love Magick Workshop at Dracona Pagan Web

Those of you who know me are probably confused as to why I would get involved with a love magick workshop. I have taken a strong anti-love spell stance over the years. I've seen too many lives get messed up because of irresponsible love spells (and experienced a few messes myself). I guess that's the reason this workshop suddenly seems important. People are going to cast love spells no matter what. The temptation is just too great. Might as well get people thinking about the right way to do it -- with ethics!

I've also come around, so to speak. I believe in casting spells for every other aspect of my life -- so why not love? Love in all its forms is very important to all of us, and a huge aspect of our religion. And deep inside myself, I know it's time to call out to my soul mate. I'd also like to mend fences with family, deepen family ties, and just generally have more love in my life.

So here we are.

We're going to explore a lot of topics -- like just what is a soul mate? Do we all have one? What's the ethical way to cast a love spell? And how to know when we're crossing the line. How to fix a love spell gone awry. How to strengthen love. How to leave love. How to release expectations, heal a broken heart, and much more.

Ready for this journey to self discovery? I'm anxious to see what we'll uncover. The universe has certainly been preparing me for this class, so it will be as much a learning experience for me as it will for you. Thanks to all for your sharing your experiences with love magick and what you hope to get out of our time together.

The text you've chosen for this workshop is Patricia Telesco's _A Little Book of Love Magic_ (Crossing Press, $9.95). While I don't recommend Telesco generally, I do like some of the points she makes about love magick. These are a good jumping off point for our discussion. Here they are in a nutshell:

1. When you trust yourself and believe in your spiritual nature as a force for positive change, love magick will flow more easily and intuitively.

2. Pledge yourself to love's quest until you succeed, then commit to maintaining that energy in the relationship.

3. Patience is important. "Magick isn't a quick fix for all of love's difficulties, but it will help you clear the path so there are fewer bumps along the way."

4. "Love magick does not function well out of fear for being alone. Fear leads to hasty action which usually fails. Nature and the universe have their own sense of timing that must be accepted and respected for magick to work for the greatest good in your life and the lives of those with whom you're involved."

5. Keep expectations in balance, using magick to "create opportunities that correspond to your needs."

6. "Take your time and trust your heart to know which opportunities can lead to long-term happiness."


I hope throughout the course of this class we will be working on love from the inside out. That is, we'll be learning to love ourselves as well as others. Self-love is a very important concept. We'll explore this in depth as we move through the classes. We're also going to be doing a lot of exercises together. I hope you'll put your all into them as I feel they will propel you toward the love you desire.


Before we go one step further, you must read Mike Nichol's right-on and thought provoking essay on love magick. You'll find that HERE.


Now we're going to do some exercises to find out just where we're at in our quest for love.


1. Let's do some love divination. Here's a simple tarot spread from Power Tarot by McGregor and Vega. Lay out cards 1-4 in a vertical line, #1 being at the top. To the right to #4 at the bottom, lay 5 and 6 horizontally. You'll have a backwards "L" shape.

1. Your past experience in love.
2. Your current experience in love.
3. What you want from a love relationship.
4. What you need from a love relationship.
5. What you have to give to your lover.
6. Possible future experience in love.

Share your findings with the group. (Need help with your interpretation? Post your cards and we'll look at them together.)

2. The List. This is a very simple exercise to help us get clear on what we want and need in a relationship. In a notebook reserved for this class, enter your idea of a perfect partner as the first page. Don't be skimpy. Does he need to be tolerate of some special circumstance in your life? Include it in your list. Does he have to have those mutton chop sideburns? Include it. This is a brainstorming exercise. Visualize your perfect partner and put it in writing. OK, so there is no such thing as a perfect partner -- but there is such a thing as a person who would be perfect for you. Also, this list is not set in stone, so write it in pencil. *grin* You may feel a need to revise it as this class continues.

3. Answer these questions: What's your favorite romantic movie? Your favorite romantic book or story? What do these choices have to say about how you view love? Are the story lines/movies based in real love or fantasy? This is a hard question, but may bring up some very interesting angles on how you look at love as a whole.

4. Let's start our discussion of soulmates. Read this insightful commentary by Nina Lee Braden.

What do you think of this concept? Let us know. You may also want to read through the rest of her writings on Soul Mates
and Relationships.

I think this is certainly enough to get us started. We are a small group, so I hope you won't feel shy about sharing.



Of course, you probably won't get the results you hope for in love magick unless you love yourself. I know, what a cliche! But it's achingly true. If we don't love ourselves, it's hard to open the door enough to others to let them truly experience the unique and incredible people that we are.


So, you've read the material, you've chosen a love spell, considered the ethics...now here's a tarot spread for a deeper look at the ethics involved with this particular spell in your life right now, given all the circumstances in play. This is a good one
for any type of spellcasting, but it is particularly important when considering love spells. The potential for disaster is so much greater for love spells.

Another author I never recommend is Edain McCoy, however in Lady of the Night she gives a tarot card spread to be used before casting a spell. It tests the spell as well as your ethics in casting it. Only use after the spell is completely constructed so that all possible angles and occurrences that may stem from it can be analyzed.

Layout for Tarot Divination Before Working a Spell:

7 8
5 1 6
3 4

1. The Need - the need or desire on which this need is placed.

2. The Underlying Need - the root of the desire, the real reason you want the object or situation to maniest or be banished.

3. Hidden Influences - energies working on a spell that you may not be aware of.

4. the Influence of Others - the combined intentions of others on your working.

5. The Spell's Weaknesses - aspects of your spell that need attention so that the spell can be the most effective.

6. The Spell's Strengths - what you are doing right. Use this card as a gauge to measure your progress in the magickal arts.

7. Inner-World Outcome - changes your spell will create on the inner or Astral plane because of the visual/mental energy you are creating there.

8. Outer world outcome - changes in the physical world that will be brought about by your spell.

9. The Final Outcome - the probable culmination of your actions.

Cards 7, 8 and 9 should tell you if your spell will be beneficial to everyone, if it will bring harm to anyone, and/or if it will yield what you desire.


1. When casting a love spell consider these things:
-- Why do you want to cast this spell?
-- What correspondences will you use (color, scent, stones, moon phase/sign, other props)
-- Is it ethical and why?

2. Once all the details are worked out, do the above ethics layout. What does it say about your spell?

3. Share all this with the group.

And above all, ETHICS, ETHICS, ETHICS.

I've enjoyed our class and hope you have too. My prayer is that your life will be filled with true love and unbridled happiness.