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Welcome to Tarot900!

This list is for phone readers only. Feel free to invite other phone readers to join, but please use your discretion. We want to build a caring community of sincere readers who seek professional and personal development.

To this end, please read the following carefully:

1. Please don't divulge sensitive information about your company. Many of us have signed confidentiality clauses in our contracts. Read your contract carefully and honor your agreements.

2. Respect your list members. As on all lists, we come from varied backgrounds, and disagreements will inevitably arise. Please handle them with honor and respect.

3. Anyone who joins this list with the intent of luring readers to other networks will be unsubbed immediately. Likewise, if you receive unethical solicitations from list members, please alert Yvonne. Please note there is a difference between sharing industry information and work experience, and enticing readers to your network or bookstore for your own financial gain. This is a wonderful networking opportunity. Please don't abuse it.

4. Observe standard list etiquette -- no flaming, attachments, or html code. Please edit messages to which you are responding by deleting headers, footers, and comments unnecessary to your response.

5. ABSOLUTELY NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENTS MAY BE SENT TO THIS LIST. Doing so will result in your immediate removal.

6. The most important rule: have fun!

I'm glad you're with us and look forward to getting to know you. Please send an introduction to the list at your earliest convenience.


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