An Imbolg Besom Rite

Place your besom at your altar during the Imolg season. Imbolg is a time of cleansing and purification, and what better time to enlist the aid of the Witches blessed besom?

You will need: a besom, cauldron, white candle, rosemary, and bay.

During ritual or devotions, place your besom within reach upon the altar. Place the candle in the cauldron. Light and say:

With my besom in my hand I will sweep out that which is no longer needed so as to purify my surroundings and prepare for new growth.

Pick up your besom and say:

Clear out the old and let the new enter. Life starts anew at this time of cleansing.

Sweep the circle with outward motions as you walk deosil (clockwise) around the circle, starting and ending at the North. Return the besom to the altar. Sprinkle the rosemary and the bay into the candle flame and say:

I call upon the power of these herbs that their scent released in this cauldron's fire purify me, my surroundings,and the tools of my Craft. With this rite, I am reaffirmed in my Craft and made ready for the renewal of life in the coming Spring.

Pass the besom and any other magickal tools through the smoke from the burning herbs. Wave the end of the besom over your cauldron and say:

May this besom be cleansed that nothing cast out of the circle return and cling to it. So mote it be!

From _Green Witchcraft_ by Ann Moura