Herbal Magick

Midsummer is an ideal time to perform herbal magick as plants are in the full phase of their energies at this time. Herbs are a true gift from the gods. They heal us, feed us, provide us oxygen, and aid in our magick. Thanks to centuries of work by our Wise Ones, a whole body of knowledge on the magickal properties of plants has been handed down to us.

Studying this lore is important, but let me say up front that there will be times you feel to use an herb for other than its usual purpose. USE IT! In all matters, be guided by the spirit.

Magickal herbs which are ingested will have an effect on you in the mundane. A catnip potion for love will make you sleepy. A mugwort potion for astral travel will stimulate menstrual flow and calm nerves. A St. John's Wort potion for protection will also lift your mood. You should be aware of the medicinal properties of every herb you ingest. And if you have a medical condition, proceed with caution. When in doubt about the effects of an herb, ask your health practitioner. Also remember more is not necessarily better. People think that just because herbs are sold over the counter that there is no limit to what they can consume. Not so. Remember that most all prescription drugs contain compounds originally found in plants. Treat your herbs as seriously as you treat prescription drugs.

There are as many ways to use herbs in magick as their are witches. Here are a few of the ways I use them.

Magickal Properties of Herbs


Poppet Magick

Herbal Amulets

Incense -- a page is forthcoming, but rather than get real fancy, I just burn dried herbs on charcoal blocks.

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