Be aware that some lines do not use their own readers - they sub-contract their work to other companies. So don't feel bad if you contact "the" line that you want to work for, and they either say that they are not hiring or that they don't use their own readers! Also, some lines only hire readers from within their own physical area - i.e. Legacy in Washington State and Mile High Psychics in Colorado.

Once you have contacted the line that you wish to work for, they will ask you to mail/fax a resume, and do a sample reading. Your resume should include your prior reading experience (even if it is only for friends and family - we all start somewhere!), your "tools" (i.e. do you use intuition, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, work with Angels and Guides, etc), and a short version of why you want to read for them (as a business, to help people, etc). Don't be nervous about the sample reading - the line just needs to know that you can do what you say that you can do !

Following is a list of questions that, over a period of time, and working for different companies, I have found to be important to me. The answers give me a feel for how "reputable" a company is.

1. Is your contact a sub-contractor or a direct representative of the company? It is better to work directly for a company. If you have a problem, there is no middle man. Also, if the company hires sub-contractors to hire readers, these sub-contractors receive so much money per the amount of time each reader puts in. And your checks will probably come through that person - not directly from the company.

2. What is the rate of pay? (Readers are paid per minute of time spent actively talking with callers.) The minimum that you should expect to receive is 25 cents per minute - and this can go up to 40 cents per minute (for an average line).

3. Are you expected to work a set schedule, or can you sign on and off at will? Lines that have schedules are in the minority, and I would stay away from them because it is hard to find shift coverage if you cannot work.

4. How is the call average determined? Your call average is your total minutes talking with callers divided by the total number of calls taken. Some lines discard any calls less than 120 seconds (they don't include them in your call average). This gives you a true average, as those callers hanging up before 120 seconds are only calling for the free minutes.

5. Are you expected to obtain the addresses of your callers? Some lines make this mandatory, as they do bulk mail advertising. You may be penalized for obtaining less than the percentage of addresses the line expects from each reader.

6. Are you expected to sign the callers up for a "club", or give out club information? Many lines have psychic "clubs" where callers can obtain readings for a reduced fee. The problem here is that if you are expected to sign people up for the club, do you need to meet a quota, and are you penalized if you don't?

7. Are the log on numbers toll free? If the numbers to log on the line are not toll free, you are paying to go to work !!

Most lines are highly reputable, and won't mind giving you this information.