My clients are responsible for their own behavior.

I will strive to be encouraging and give hope.

I will strive to be balanced, centered, and cheerful. I will concentrate on my client and not on my own personal problems.


I will strive to educate my clients so they do not have to keep coming back to deal with the same problems.


I will not exploit my clients financially.

I will never predict a physical death unless extreme circumstances call for such a prediction.


I will stress the karmic importance of keeping all promises.

I will recommend that any client with any disease, illness, or physical problem immediately seek professional help. I am not a medical doctor.


I will recommend that my clients consult an appropriate advisor -- a lawyer, banker, accountant, or financial budgeting advisor -- before making any important financial legal decisions. I am not a professional legal or financial advisor.

I will make a point of studying those things which will aid me in giving better readings. I will endeavor to advance my own professional development.


I promise to give the best possible advice to any client who seeks my aid.


I will treat my professional colleagues with respect.

I will honor, respect, and maintain all confidences entrusted to me during consultation.


This is the Code of Ethics given to readers on the Pentacles Psychic Adventures line in New Zealand owned and managed by Pat Martin. For more ethics, visit the Tarot Guild of Australia.