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Spell to Become Closer to your Cat
Magick Cat Collar
Spell for Healing a Pet
Rite for a Departed Pet
The Mirror, The Cat, and The Moon Love Spell
The Cat Spell Oracle
The Northern Lights Faery Spell
The Cait Sith Good Luck Charm

What's your Sign, Kitty?


It has been said that a cat is more a spirit than an animal. Historically, little distinction has been drawn as to the difference between witches, fairies, spirits, goddesses, and the feline, for at different periods in time the cat was believed to represent them all in corporeal form.
--from Cat Spells by Claire Nahmad

The cat has always been considered a Moon creature, and sacred to such Goddesses as Isis, Bast, Artemis, Diana, and Freyja. When Diana became known as Queen of Witches in the Middle Ages, the cat was associated with Witchcraft and Goddess worship.

Followers of the goddess Diana also considered the cat sacred because she once assumed the form of a cat, and cats were under her special protection. In Scandanavia, Freya's chariot was drawn by cats. The Celtic goddess Ceridwen was also attended by white cats, who carried out her orders on earth.

It is generally assumed today that witches' familiars were (and are) always cats. However, during the Burning Times any small animal that was kept in the house was suspect, and records show that accused witches were forced to confess having familiar spirits in the form of cats, rats, mice, dogs, weasels and toads. It was also firmly believed that witches could take the shape of cats, and accusers sometimes claimed that they were followed or tormented by witches in the shape of cats.

Witches regard their cat familiars as founts of wisdom and occult secrets. Cats can lead their mistresses in dreams to spiritual knowledge. They can foretell the future, predict the weather, and bless magickal endeavors, and represent the soul of magick, secrecy, and freedom.

Spell To Become Closer To Your Cat

Preparation: You will need brown candles and the following herbs:

Catnit-helps create a bond between you and your cat
Vervain-for Peace and Protection
Gardernia-for Spirituality
Saffron-for Strength
Love Seed-for Friendship
Passion Flower-for Friendship

Consecrate each herb before starting. Take 1/2 of the empowered herbs and wrap in a small square of brown cloth and tie it off with a brown cord or string. Take the other half and make a smaller satchet for your pet. Wear yours four days meditating with your pet at least once a day. You can tie the pets satchet on while meditating. After those four days take all the herbs and burn as an incense while sharing a meal with your pet.

Magick Cat Collar

What you need:

1 yellow candle
candle holder
1 Amethyst stone (fairly small)
1 Brown collar
apple, peach or lavender oil
5 silver paper clips
brown fabric paint
Needle-Noses Pliers

This spell should be done during the waxing moon. Light the candle. Take four or the five paper clips and bend them all out as straight as possible (use the needle-nosed pliers). Now take the paperclips and (do what feels right to you) wrap the stone as you would a crystal. Chant the following while doing this:

This collar I have made by hand shall protect my pet, all evil shall be banned. It will keep him/her in good health and always loved it is a source of good luck that is always watching from above. No harm shall ever come to my pet. And m will, So mote it be!

Anoint the collar with the oil you have chosen. Attach the wrapped stone to the collar (like you would a license tag).

Rite for a Departed Pet

"This ceremony may be as formal ir informal as desired. An altar should be set up with a white candle in the center. A token of the animal should be present. This can be a picture, a clipping of hair, a beloved toy, or other object. A small square of cloth and a piece of ribbon should be present.

"I give thanks to you, small friend,
For the time we shared together.
I give thanks for the touch of your soft fur,
Your shining eyes, kisses from your rough tongue.
I give thanks for the sound of your voice.
Go now to your rest.
I will miss you, my friend,
As you travel on your way.
But I know that someday, somewhere,
If the gods will it,
We will meet again;
And the meeting will be one of love.
May the blessings of the Lord and the Lady
Be with you as you travel on your way!
Know that my love and blessings go with you
As you travel to the Land of Eternal Summer.
Blessed Be!"

Now, take up the token and place it within the square of cloth. Add to it a piece of your own hair or other token of yourself. Using the ribbon, tie the cloth up into a bundle, and say:

"Let us be bound together in love,
That we may merry meet again!
Blessed Be!""

Referencdee: Margie McArthur, "WiccaCraft for Families"

Spell for Healing a Pet

Mix some healing oil, using:
6 drops Lavender oil
6 drops Camphor oil
6 drops Rosemary oil
1/2 ounce base oil (apricot kernel, jojoba, grapeseed, even olive oil)

Annoint a black candle, a red candle and a brown candle with this healing oil. The black is for absorption of the negativity (the illness), the red is for strength and health, and the brown is an "astral" or "significator" candle for the animal. Place the brown candle between the black and red candles, and make a ring of stones around the set-up, using stones or crystals that you associate with healing (amethyst, quartz, choose whichever type or combination of types). Place some of the oil in your hands, and begin to rub them together, generating heat and energy. When you feel that you've built a small "bundle" of healing energy, place your hands on your pet, stroking it and giving it the healing energy you've built, making sure to concentrate on any areas where you feel or sense the illness. Focus on the candles, continuing to maintain contact with your pet, and visualize the strength from the red candle pouring into the brown candle, and pushing all the sickness into the black candle. Attune with the Goddess, and when you've got a good grip on the visualizations above (and the animal!), say:

"Goddess, with your healing touch
Bless this animal we love so much.
God, with beasts as your domain,
Remove the sickness, heal the pain.
So mote it be!"

Continue the stroking and energy flow until you feel that the spell is done, then allow the animal plenty of time to rest and heal. Obviously, if you wish to perform this spell in a cast circle, that's your choice. If you wish to continue the spell for a number of days (I'd suggest at least 3 days), and your pet has a special place where it rests or "lives" (such as a cage, etc.), ring this area, if possible, with the stones, place a red candle on one side of the area and a black candle on the other (annointed with the healing oil); focus on the red candle and project its energy into area with your pet, visualizing the illness being pushed out the other side, since there's no room for it, and into the black candle. Rub the oil onto your hands and stroke it into/onto the animal's body as often as you feel necessary.

The Mirror, the Cat, and the Moon Love Spell

On May Eve, coax your cat to go with you to a pond or a rushing stream, and take with you a mirror, a man's silk handkerchief, and a white candle with some tinder to light it.

When you reach the water's edge, light the candle, hold it up to the moon, and intone this rune"

Lovely Freya, Queen of the Moon
Bring my true love to me by the month of June.

As the moon rises, call puss and let her study her wide-eyed face in the mirror for a little while. Then turn your back to the water and hold the mirror aloft so that it reflects the moon, and also her reflection on the water. Place the silk handkerchief over your face and count the number of moons which appear in the mirror. If there are but two, a twelvemonth must pass before you are wed, but if there are more, their number represents the months which must pass before you are wed.

If your cat is strong in magick, your true love's face will appear in the mirror, as still as the reflection of the moon, just for an instant.

The Cat Spell Oracle

If you would divine the future, it is lucky to call upon your cat as an oracle. Frame the question clearly in your mind, then write it down three times. Whisper puss' magickal name to yourself three times three, and speak the question three times aloud.

Now, making sure that the door is ajar, call to your cat. Carefully observe which forepaw appears first through the door as she walks into the room. If it is the left paw, a denial is your answer. If it is the right paw, 'yes' is your answer.

Having divined this way, ponder the oracle's response. The key to its message, and what will transpire for the best, is within your own heart.

The Northern Lights Fairy Spell

When the firmament is alight with meteoric phenomena, and the Merry Dancers assume their pretty gowns and make great sport up and down the curtain of the night sky until they in a fair frolic and frenzy, these Northern Lights are come to let you know that the evening is full of magick, and the season ripe for spells and craftworking.

Therefore, coax a cat (better if she be black) on to your lap, and sit alone with her in the garden, stroking her until a sheen appears on her coat, and she purrs contentedly. Have at your elbow a nipperkin of wine in a small vessel, and at the cat's first stretch, anoint her lightly with the wine, making the sign of the Celtic Cross upon her head, and then do the same for yourself.

Gently grasp the end of her tail and stroke it three times swiftly over your left eye, and then over your right, saying:

Elves of the night, enchant my sight,
Your forms for to see in moon or sunlight,
With this spell and with this sign
I pri'thee, forward my design.

Let puss run off, and steal away to your bedchamber, there to comtemplate the moon and the stars and all the magickal lights of the sky from your lattice. If you have found favor with the fairies, then mystic dreams will come to you that night, and afterwards you will begin to see the Little People at their revels, faintly at first, but yet more clear, more lucid, as the fairy enchantment blesses ever deeper your inner seeing.

The Cait Sith Good Luck Charm

For good luck and protection, it is well to call upon the Highland Fairy Cat, the Cait Sith.

Bind around your forehead, inside your bonnet, a bouquet of the mystic herbs chicory, henbane, and rue, and go by night to the summit of a small hill or a grassy knoll. Place seven white stones in a circle around you, and bless each one. Stand in the center and perform a song for the fairies. Say aloud before you begin: "This is for the fairies."

When you have finished, bow three times to the moon, and say aloud:

Fairies, I have danced for you,
Fairies, I have sung for you,
Now I pri'thee, send to me,
The Fairy Cat, the Spirit Cait Sith
My guide and safeguard for to be.

Having chanted the charm three times, you must cast the henbane upon where you have danced, and you must take home with you the seventh stone from which you formed the magickal circle, and the chicory and rue which comprised two parts of the nosegay bound about your brwo.

When you are home, brew yourself a tisane (tea) from the herbs, and go at once to your bedchamber to drink it, carrying the seventh stone with you.

Bless the stone with the sign of the Celtic Cross, anoint it with three drops of water from the tisane, and finish the rest before slipping into bed.

Once there, drop the stone beneath your bed at its head, so that its place on the floor corresponds with your pillow. Say the charm again three times before sleeping, and as you begin to dream, the Cait Sith will come to you and make itself known to you.

Never take the stone from beneath your be, letting it remain directly below the point where your head lies; and if it should happen that a stray cat presents itself to you, take it in, for it will harbour the spirit of the Cait Sith, and you may call upon the Cait Sith, and know that you have a friend and a protecting spirit at all times. Thank the fairies for this, and the kindly goddess of the moon, who is mother to all mortals.
(The above four spells from Cat Spells, Cat Magic through the Ages by Claire Nahmad)