Making the Bride's Bed

Create a Bride's Bed with a shaft of grain from the Lammas harvest, a Brigid's Cross, an ear of corn, or even a doll fashioned from corn husks. Dress her in white (a doll's dress or even a strip of lace will do fine) and decorate her as you like, then place her in a basket or on a square of white cloth. Across her, lay a priapic wand-- an acorn- or pinecone-tipped wand of oak twined with white and black ribbon (representative of the God) -- so that wand and bride form an X. Then place two lit candles (white) on either side, and chant to her something like,

"Blessed be the Corn Bride! Blessed be the Great Mother!"


"Welcome Bride,
To your bed and cover.
Blessed be the Maiden,
Blessed be the Mother."


"Brid is come -- Brid is welcome!" (Repeated three times)

At the height of the chant, extinguish the candles. Then, at sunrise the next morning, place the bride without her dress on your front door. There she forms an amulet of prosperity, fertility and protection, which can remain till after Samhain. Pauline Campanelli in her book _Ancient Ways_ suggests you return her to earth before Yule, perhaps scattering her in the fields for the birds.