Tarot Affirmations -- webmistress Eva Yaa Asantewaa is a psychic healer, counselor, educator, and writer living in New York City. She has written affirmations for each of the major arcana cards. Very useful as tools for clients.

Learning the Tarot -- an online course by Joan Bunning.

Michele's Tarot Page -- invaluable source for everything tarot. Super deck reviews, publications, software, organizations -- seeing is believing.

Wicce's Tarot Collection -- tarot newsletter, taroasis e-list, chatroom, and loads of tarot information, including extensive deck reviews and even a deck exchange.

Audiotex News -- an independent voice for the pay-per-call industry.

Global Psychics FAQs -- interesting Q&A about psychics and how they work, from the client perspective.


Yvonne's site, Earth Witchery, is an environmental and spiritual resource for the magickal community. Here find bucket loads of magickal information, ecology, ideas for green living, and healing spells and rites for our Mother Earth. EW is home to the Tarot900 website.


Meliny & Yvonne co-created Dracona. Click the banner to go there.


The Crystal Cave - Bonnie, a Tarot reader, Reiki healer and Creater of Ceremony, has created a safe place to explore your inner dimensions. She also uses Runes, Sacred Path Cards, Medicine Cards, dream interpretation, and working with Angels and Guides in her practice.

Pagan Path - A gathering of ideas and people interested in paganism, Wicca, witchcraft, magick and spells. Audrey's site is absolutely amazing. Become a member and gain access to lots more great information, including an online book of love spells.