Here find information about witchcraft, the environment, green living, and magickal and healing arts. At the core of witchcraft, an Earth-based religion, is a deep reverence for our Mother Earth. Many of us celebrate the phases of the Moon and the seasons to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of the Earth. Environmental ethics are inherent in our rituals and gatherings. As pagans and witches, many of us recognize our unique responsibility toward our environment. For 13 principles adopted by the Council of American Witches, go here.

Welcome to my home on the web. I am Yvonne, an eclectic, solitary witch. Allow me to show you around. Just run your cursor over the green text below...

Pages from my Book of Shadows, including extensive information on the Witches Sabbats, sabbat crafts, Moon signs and phases, astrology, poppet magick, potioncraft, amulets, and more.
Sabbat Quick Links: Yule / Imbolg / Ostara / Beltane / Midsummer / Lammas / Mabon / Samhain

Information on herbal magick, including the magickal properties of herbs, how to grow a magickal garden, theme gardens, and herbal crafts and recipes.

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Meliny and I created these free online classes for pagans and witches. Classes change often so take a look and feel free to join us. (Update: The Dracona server is still down. We will notify former students when we are up and running again.)

A clearinghouse of information for the professional tarot reader with a unique focus on the 900-line reader. Be sure to check out my Buffy Tarot.

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